Whenever you come to decide about moving, it is not as easy as it may look. We know that relocating to a new locality or place excites you greatly, but it is a challenging cake to eat.

No wonder you are planning to move out, and your family members are looking at you with all the things to enter the new house.

Yes! If you plan to move to a new place with all your family members and belongings, you need to be more careful with that.

Moving will not be an easy job otherwise. Everything should be planned accordingly, and it should work on the final day.

When you are taking all your belongings, there would be many things out of them that must be very delicate and fragile. There would be many antique items also present in your house. What do you think about them?

People! It will be very problematic if you are thinking about keeping all those delicate and antique items along with the other ones. Do not do that in any case.

Fragile objects need extra care, and you should keep them very safely. Otherwise, there will always be a fear of getting damaged or broken while moving.

Imagine how you would feel when you open the box and your eyes catch a broken item. It’s scary, right? So, to solve this issue for you, we have made a list of things you must keep in your mind while packing these delicate and antique items.

We hope that you will find these very useful. If you still want to be on the safer side then you can avail moving insurance for your valuable items.

Step 1. Plan In Advance

Yes! Plan as advance as you can. It will save you time and money. Packing is always time-consuming. It requires your patience.

You cannot do it in one go. So, to avoid any late-night rush, do it at least one or two weeks before your moving day. Thoughtful planning is essential.

You cannot afford any risk at all. Make yourself available, and take a break from your work to complete the planning. As you have decided to move, it is your intellect that you plan everything in quick time.

Step 2. Make A List Of Fragile And Antique Objects

Making a good list will help you a lot. Prepare a list that includes everything. Keep your delicate and precious items on one side, and include them in the different sections.

It can be anything like your antique vase, any of your ancestor’s glass pictures or paintings, a very costly table or anything. Everything like this, which is very close to you, needs to be mentioned in the list.

Step 3. Clean Them Properly

Now, when you are done making a list. Do the cleaning of every object. Take a piece of cloth or any cleaning accessory to remove all the dirt.

Make sure you check all the vacant spaces in the design of the items. As every item is valuable to you, and all fragile antiques are very delicate, then take the help of any other person if possible.

Ask anyone of your trustworthy friend or relative who can help you in cleaning all the items. But, only take help from those who can handle every item with care, Such as Local & Professional House Cleaners.

Step 4. Keep Kids And Pets Out Of That Place

It would be best if you keep your kids and pets out of the place where you have kept your major delicate belongings. As we all know, kids and pets never sit quietly in one place, and they are always ready to play and run here and there.

This mischief can be troublesome for you this time, and they can break or damage your delicate and antique fragile items while playing.

So, it is better to be aware of it and take precautions by keeping the kids and pets out of that place. As you must have kept your things in a separate room, do not allow kids or pets to enter that room until you people move to the new house. You can also keep that room locked all the time.

Step 5. Get Big Or Small Boxes For Packing

There are many sizes of cardboard boxes available for packing in the market. Go according to your list. Buy big or small sizes boxes to pack your delicate, fragile, and antique items.

One more thing, if you still have the original boxes of the items, then use them only for packing again. The original boxes are much better than the cardboard ones.

But, in case you do not have any, then do not worry at all. Go to the market and buy various types of wraps and tapes. There are many options present at the moment.

Get any bundle of bubble wrap or a box of seal tape, as you will need it while packing. Firstly, cover all the items with the wraps. It will keep them safe during the move.

Bubble wraps have air spaces that keep the items safe, even during any fall or drop. Bubble wraps are waterproof, also. Keep the items safely in the boxes and fix them with the seal tapes.

Step 6. Put Labels On The Boxes

Yes! Putting labels is an essential step for moving out. Do not forget to put labels on the boxes after you pack each one of them, especially your fragile antiques.

You can put labels with the name of the inside item written on them, and it will keep your items safe. For example, if you have packed glass frames in a box, write “glass frames or glass item handle with care” with a marker on a piece of paper and paste it on the top of the box. Labelling the packed items will help you to look out for the boxes.

Step 7. Do Not Keep These Boxes With The Other Ones While Moving

Definitely! Do not keep these necessary boxes along with the other boxes. Keep them separately every time. Please do not keep them under any other box, as this can damage the item with the pressure of the other box.

Also, do not keep the boxes in the last corner; it is a possibility that you might get your fragile and antique object broken afterwards.

Step 8. Use Modern Equipment For Loading And Unloading

You cannot just put these fragile and antique items in like ways. There is much modern equipment available in the market, which you can use to load or unload items in and out of the vehicle.

Some of them are furniture sliders, trolleys, dollies and lifters, and these are very handy and helpful to use.

Step 9. Take Help From a Professional Moving Company

The fact that one can do a few works or can be versatile too. But, here, in this case, it would be much better if you took the help of any of your friends, family member or any relative who can accompany you in the process.

They will help you in putting or taking out the boxes. In case if you have no one for this, or if you are seeking any professional help, then contact us.

We are 2 men and a van. We are removalists In Brisbane. We have been working in this field of moving and storage for a long time and have a team of knowledgeable and experienced movers in Brisbane.

Our moving experts will help you at every step. So, without wasting a minute, give us a call, and let us grab the opportunity to help you move to your new location.

Do you require more information?

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