Moving with pets is stressful, whether you’re going across town or across the nation. And your pet feels some of the same stress that you do after a relocation, so you’re not the only one who is stressed out! Since pets are sensitive to human tension if you’re nervous about your relocation, your non-human flatmate probably feels the same way.

If you’re a pet owner, you know how much you love your friends. You may set yourself up for the greatest possible happiness of your pet during a move while accounting for their special requirements. There are several steps you can take to ensure while moving with pets. 2 Men And Van have composed a guide for pet-friendly moving, so let’s delve into it and make our moving with dogs and cats an exciting experience.

How To Ensure A Safe Move When Moving With Pets

Here are the tips for moving with pets brought to you by our house movers in Brisbane that will help you to keep your furry pals secure and at ease before, during, and after the relocation.

1. Prepare Early For Move 

Pets are perceptive to regular adjustments and will typically notice when things are changing. You should get the moving boxes out early so that your pet becomes familiar with them when you start shifting items about in your house. 

2. Arrange For A Separate Place For Pets On Moving Day

Your actions on the day of your relocation will have an impact on how your dogs act, especially if you’re under stress. So, plan for one room in the house to be utilized as a temporary pet room to prevent any unneeded distress and to keep the corridors clear for your safety. You can shift your pet inside that room with any items that will make them comfortable throughout the packing process, such as their favorite toys, food, drink, and litter trays, ensuring that the doors and windows are kept closed. If you’ve enlisted the services of professional movers, you can consider placing a note on the door to convey why they shouldn’t enter that room.

3. Pack Pet’s Essentials

When moving with pets, it’s essential to have a well-equipped travel kit. So, include their favorite food, medications, collapsible water bowls to keep them hydrated, waste bags for cleanups, and any favorite items that bring them comforts, like a familiar blanket or toy. This pet moving kit ensures their essential needs are met, promoting their convenience and reducing stress throughout the journey to your new home.

4. Consult The Veterinarian

You must prioritize your pets’ well-being by arranging a veterinary visit. Schedule a health check-up, update vaccinations, and secure a copy of their medical records. This proactive step ensures their health and prepares you with the necessary documents for a seamless transition to your new home. Additionally, you can inquire about lowering your pet’s anxiety during the transfer, who is a great resource. A visit to a vet a few weeks before moving out of state is a good idea for a pet-friendly move.

5. Maintain Pet Routine 

We are all habitual beings, and so are our furry friends. Even a slight shift might make them feel uneasy. Moving with dogs and cats can be very easy if their schedule is maintained. So, don’t disturb your dogs’ daily routines and continue taking them out to the park. Stop worrying about your responsibilities and spend quality time and fresh air with your pets. 

6. Understand Pet Laws If Moving To A New City

The majority of states have regulations regarding the importation of dogs, cats, horses, and other pets. So, before relocating to a new city with your pets, it’s crucial to delve into the local pet laws. Research and learn regulations concerning pet ownership, licensing, leash requirements, and any breed-specific regulations. Some cities might have restrictions on the number of pets allowed or specific areas designated for pet activities. Understanding these laws beforehand ensures a smooth transition and avoids any potential legal issues. It also aids in adjusting your pet to the new environment while being a responsible and informed pet owner in your new community.

7. Use Animal Crates While Moving With Pets

If you’ll be traveling quite a distance, the best pet-friendly moving tip is to opt for animal crates. These secure enclosures provide a safe and familiar space during the journey. It is better to introduce the crates to your pets before the move, placing treats and bedding inside to create a positive association. It will be relentless for both of you to make an effort to put them in a situation in which they are uncomfortable. During transit, the crates prevent pets from wandering and ensure their comfort. 

Adequate ventilation and space are crucial for their well-being. So, make sure the crates are properly secured in the vehicle to prevent shifting. Using animal crates streamlines the moving with pets, minimizes stress, and enhances the safety of your beloved companions throughout the journey.

8. Pack Pet’s Items Last And Unpack Them First

Put your pet’s belongings at the bottom of your packing list, and remember to unload their stuff first when you get to your new house. When they discover their toys and goodies are gone, they might get uncomfortable and aggressive. Additionally, seeing those familiar objects immediately away will improve your pet’s comfort in their new surroundings. Also, make sure your pet has a relaxing spot to rest while you move. When you go to your new home, locate a cozy area for their comfort. 


Moving with pets requires careful planning and consideration to minimize stress and ensure their well-being. By following this ultimate guide, you can create a smooth and pet-friendly moving experience, allowing you and your beloved companions to start your new chapter on the right paw. Remember, patience and understanding go a long way in helping your pets adapt to their new surroundings.

Everyone is well aware that moving is quite a hectic task, and moving with pets adds more challenges to it. So to ease the burden of moving with dogs and cats, you can consider taking help from our professional movers to handle your house removal in Brisbane. Our well-qualified team of removalists in Brisbane has gone through professional training to address the challenges of relocation with utmost care and safety. So just dial 0480 033 100 or mail us at and let our team handle your removal with safety while you focus on comforting your pets while moving.