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Cheap Pool Table Removalists Brisbane

A pool table is not just a game; it is more than that. It's an elegant piece of furniture that increases the liveliness and decor of your house. It is quite an investment, and moving such an oversized piece of furniture, which has a lot of sensitive parts like felt, cushions, slates, etc., is a way complex process and calls for professional pool table removalists Brisbane to be moved safely.

Here at 2 Men And Van, you will get such professionalism and care for your pool table removals brisbane at affordable rates. Our expert pool table removalists Brisbane provide top-notch pool table moving and packing services that also include disassembling, loading, and secure reassembling of the pool table at the delivery point.

Moreover, our pool table movers Brisbane have experience of 10 years in this industry and moved 1200+ pool tables or billiard tables to date. As a result, our pool table removals Brisbane team has ingrained skills in clean and smooth dismantling, packing, and loading. Our sole aim is to surmount our customers' expectations by providing our up-to-standard pool table removals Brisbane.

So, if you are also looking for reliable and cheap pool table removalists Brisbane, contact us today, and we will make each of its steps easy and manageable for you.

Why Choose Us For Pool Table Removals In Brisbane?

Here are the key benefits that come with hiring our pool table removals Brisbane:

1. 10+ Years Pool Table Removals Experience

Moving a pool table require experienced hands, and 2 Men And Van have experience of 10+ years in disassembling and moving various styles of pool tables without any damage or issue. In addition, our pool table removals Brisbane has experienced all the struggles during pool table relocation and developed the correct procedure for moving it. As a result, we can easily handle our client's pool table moving requests and give them a stress-free moving experience.

2. Cheap Cost And Transparent Quotes

We understand that the cost of moving services affects the client the most. Therefore, we offer the most reasonable rates for pool table removals Brisbane. Whether you want to shift your pool table to your nearby area or across the state, we can help you relocate your pool table anywhere at the cheapest rates. Moreover, our moving quotes and pre-removal surveys are free of cost and hidden charges. So, contact us anytime for free pool table removals Brisbane quotes and get surprised by our affordable prices.

3. Professionally Trained Pool Table Movers

At 2 Men And Van, we have professionally trained pool table movers Brisbane who are experts in moving and packing small to oversized pool tables, billiards tables, and snooker tables without any hassle. Our pool table removalists Brisbane possess good knowledge of different moving tools and skills to relocate a pool table with utmost care. Also, they understand the architecture of various pool tables and keep evolving new tricks and techniques for moving them as quickly and safely as possible.

4. Long-Distance Pool Table Removals At Ease

Most of the moving companies in Brisbane do not provide moving services for long-distance pool table removals Brisbane. Still, at 2 Men And Van, we offer local as well as interstate pool table relocation services at reasonable rates. Our pool table packing and moving service goes Brisbane-wide to help you relocate your belongings to any region in Brisbane, be it New South Wales, Tasmania, Queensland, Western Brisbane, Victoria, or South Brisbane. Our professional pool table removalists Brisbane move several delicate and oversized furniture weekly and keep knowledge of all the main and alternate routeways.

5. Damage-Free Pool Table Disassembling And Reassembling

Disassembling is a complex procedure but a significant part of the pool table removals Brisbane. So, to make the pool table removals Brisbane effortless and quick, we also offer reliable pool table dismantling and reassembling services along with our pool table moving package. In addition, our pool table removalists Brisbane have adequate tools and equipment to dismantle the pool table's parts for a damage-free relocation.

6. Reliable Packaging Options For The Pool Table

Half of the safety of your pool table relocation can be assured when the items are well-packed. So, to protect your pool table from in-transit damages and scratches, 2 Men And Van provides reliable packing solutions. Use high-quality packing material for different parts of the pool table; our pool table movers and packers cover the pool table and make it intact throughout the journey. For example, we use a thick protective wrapping sheet to protect the felt and moving blankets to secure the slates and other wooden parts.

7. Top-Notch Pool Table Storage Solutions

If you are looking for a convenient and easily accessible storage house to keep your pool table in, we can also help you with that. 2 Men And Van have a spacious warehouse for people who need short-term and long-term storage facilities to keep their small to large items at a reasonable cost. When you put your pool table at our storage house, you don't have to fear about its loss or theft, as we keep your pool table and other belongings under close observation and monitor them until they reach you safely.

8. Pool Table Removals And Storage Insurance

Without a feeling of assurance, a burden remains in mind while handing over your expensive pool table to a moving company. So, to give complete peace of mind and assurity of safe pool table removals Brisbane, we provide full coverage insurance for in-transit and storage damage. For details about our pool table insurance policy, contact us.

How Do Our Pool Table Removals Brisbane Team Works?

Moving the pool table is a highly skillful job that needs a lot of precision. If you're also planning for exceptional pool table removals Brisbane, 2 Men And Van is the perfect solution for it. We have created a secure and flexible series of steps for pool table relocation and also trained our pool table removalists Brisbane to manage each step efficiently.

So, let's quickly look into these simple steps that our pool table removalists Brisbane follow to ensure smooth pool table removals Brisbane.

1. Measurement Of The Pool Table: Before packing or moving, our expert pool table movers Brisbane will measure the size of your pool table and the passage through which they take it out of the home. This is an essential step and determines the ease or complexity of the pool table removals Brisbane process.

2. Disassembling And Packing Of The Pool Table: Disassembling or dismantling is the process of pulling out the removable parts of an oversized item for convenient packing, handling, and relocation. With the help of our expert pool table removalists Brisbane, we also disassemble and pack the pool table with good quality packing supplies to avoid damage and scratches during removal or storage.

3. Loading And Transportation Of The Pool Table: After a secure packaging of the pool table, our pool table removalists Brisbane pick up the pool table with the help of relevant moving tools and load it safely onto the truck. When placing the pool table on the truck, our pool table movers Brisbane ensure that the pool table has enough padding and will be secure throughout the move. Also, we have well-maintained and serviced vehicles for damage-free transportation of the pool table.

4. Unloading And Reassembling Of The Pool Table: At last, our professional pool table movers Brisbane unload and unpack your pool table and make it arranged at the desired corner of your new place. Through our specialized unloading and reassembling, we give you complete hassle-free pool table removals Brisbane.

Contact us today for a pool table removal quote, and book our professional pool table movers Brisbane for a stress-free relocation.

FAQs On Pool Table Removalists Brisbane

FAQs On Pool Table Removalists Brisbane

Can't you move my pool table without disassembling it?

Yes, we can. But moving a pool table without dismantling it can be trickier, and there will be more chances of damaging it. That is why we recommend our clients for pool table disassembling before packing and moving. Our pool table removalists Brisbane make sure that every part of the pool table is taken apart smoothly, packed nicely, and moved to the destination without any damage. In addition, we also reassemble it appropriately at your new place.

By filling up the quote form available on our website, you can get an instant quote and discussion call to get an estimate of our pool table removals service in Brisbane. You can also call us on the official number - 0480 033 100 or email us at the official mail id info@2menandvan.com.au without hesitation.

For the double safety of the pool table and even other items, small or oversized, we provide a full coverage insurance policy that protects everything from damage and gives peace of mind to the clients. Also, this policy states that if damage occurs, the company will repair the damage or compensate for it. Contact us today if you want to know more about our removal insurance policy.

Each pool table and the requirement of moving it is unique, and giving the exact timeframe of moving it can be a bit difficult without considering your needs. But on average, local pool table removals brisbane will take 3-4 hours, and if you are moving interstate, it may take 1-2 days, depending on the distance of the move. For an accurate time estimate of your pool table removals Brisbane, call us on 0480 033 100.

The cost of our pool table removals service in Brisbane varies between $170-$300, depending upon the type of pool table, the distance of the move, the customer's requirement, and the type of insurance cover. To know the exact cost of pool table removals Brisbane, call us on 0480 033 100 for a no-obligation quote.

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Client's Feedback

2 Men And Van Strive To Become The Best Removalists In Brisbane

Pool Table Movers Brisbane were excellent. The team was professional, friendly, and efficient. They made the entire process of moving my pool table stress-free and I would definitely recommend their services.

Pool Table Removals Brisbane Client Feedback


I was very impressed with the level of expertise displayed by the team from Pool Table Movers Brisbane. They knew exactly how to disassemble, move, and reassemble my pool table with ease. I would definitely use their services again.

Pool Table Removals Brisbane Client Feedback


The movers from Pool Table Movers Brisbane were prompt, courteous, and took great care with my pool table. They made sure it was transported safely and reassembled perfectly in my new home. I would highly recommend their services.

Pool Table Removals Brisbane Client Feedback

Anne Melang

I had a great experience with Pool Table Movers Brisbane. The team was knowledgeable and efficient, making the entire process of moving my pool table seamless. I would definitely use their services again in the future.

Pool Table Removals Brisbane Client Feedback


I highly recommend Pool Table Movers Brisbane for anyone looking to move a pool table. They were very professional and made sure my pool table was transported safely and set up perfectly in my new home. I am very happy with the service I received.

Pool Table Removals Brisbane Client Feedback

Angela Walker


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