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The relocation process is anyway tough, and spa removal is the toughest and riskiest of all among the rest of the moving items. Unfortunately, people often don't understand the seriousness of it and try to move it by themselves. In this process, they end up damaging their bathtub or spa and serious injuries. Also, little carelessness can cost too much. Therefore, you must hire our professional bathtub removal service brisbane.

Our expert bathtub removal service brisbane have all the required skills and tools with them to handle such sensitive items. Also, we have kept our bathtub and spa removals’ cost cheap and customizable, which will make your moving process easy and will reduce stress. So, choosing our bathtub movers in Brisbane is the best option that you can have for the safe transition of your bathtub or spa.

2 Men And Van of Brisbane is the one! We have been providing spa removalists Brisbane for more than ten years and have successfully moved more than 1500 bathtubs, spas, jacuzzis, and hot tubs locally and interstate across Brisbane. So, call us right away and book the most reliable and cheap bathtub removal service brisbane.

Why Choose Our Spa Removals Service In Brisbane?

There are many moving companies, and among them, why choose 2 Men And Van for spa removals Brisbane? What makes us better? And why should you trust us? These may be some questions that are going around your head. So, here are some points listed below that aim to clear your doubts regarding the 2 Men And Van professional spa removalists Brisbane.

1. Experienced And Reputed Company

2 Men And Van is an experienced and reputed moving company that have been offering cheap and reliable moving solutions to the people of Brisbane. For more than 10 years, we have been providing our spa removalists Brisbane and have successfully moved more than 1500 residential and commercial spas and bathtubs both locally and interstate across Brisbane. Also, we are licensed and ensure you safe and stress-free spa removals Brisbane.

2. Insurance Facility

Not every moving company provides its customers with insurance. Still, we at 2 Men And Van provide comprehensive removal insurance to responsibly take care of our client's comfort and item safety. Our spa removalists Brisbane are 100% insured, and if damage occurs to the bathtub or spa during transit and storage, we will pay the maximum coverage as compensation. Also, our expert bathtub removal service will take essential measures to make our clients move stress-free and safe.

3. Secure Storage Facility

2 Men And Van is not limited to just spa removals Brisbane. Along with relocation, we provide secure storage facilities in case you are confused about your bathtub or spa you neither want to carry nor want to throw it away. You can put your bathtub or any other item in our well-protected storage units and can access them whenever you need them.

Features Of Our Storage Units:

  • Fire or smoke sensor alarms
  • Thief or Burglar alarms
  • Temperature controlling conditioning
  • CCTVs to record the event
  • State-of-the-art DVRs to monitor events on real-time bases
  • Periodic cleaning and sanitization
  • Information management and communication system
  • Door card locks given to security guards
  • Lifting machines to prevent manual handling

4. Low Rates To Meet High Expectations

Our professional bathtub removal service brisbane aim to meet your high expectations at a low cost. You can tell your requirements and budget for your spa removalists Brisbane to our move manager, who will give you a customized package at a suitable price. If you want to get an idea of how much it would cost for spa removals Brisbane, please call on 0480 033 100, and one of our friendly customer support staff will provide you with the cost estimate or schedule a pre-removal survey for you.

5. Quick Response To Customer Queries

We understand the importance of our client's queries before or during the move. Therefore, we have a 24/7 availability of friendly customer support staff. We always respond to our customer's queries as soon as possible and give them a correct solution to their issues. In addition, our booking and quote system is also streamlined so that one can book any of our services, like spa removals, at any time of the day. It's essential to clear them. We don't believe in ignoring them. This way, we give 100 percent satisfied service to our customers.

6. Take Client's Feedback And Suggestions Positively

Your feedback is essential for us. We take them into account and use them to enhance our service. We don't just allow your feedback; rather, we do read it and consider them while making any changes. This way, we get new ways to make ourselves better and improve our spa removalists Brisbane services.

Our bathtub removal service are 24×7 available, so you can contact us anytime. For more details, call us on 0480 033 100 or to get a free quote.

How Do Our Spa Removalists Brisbane Team Work?

In the process of moving a bathtub or spa, many key points have to be taken into consideration, like the weight of the bathtub, the size of the bathtub, and the floor where it has to be placed. Since a bathtub or spa is a sensitive item, our bathtub movers will calculate each step wisely. We work in an organized way to ensure the safety of your item and your experience stress-free. Also, the correct choice of tools and the right technical knowledge ensure safe bathtub or spa removals.

Here are listed steps of how our expert bathtub movers in Brisbane move spa or bathtub:

1. Prepare The Area: Remove extra obstructions around the bathtub or spa, like toilets or vanities, in case you have a single washroom and everything is present there. If you don't have enough room, our bathtub movers need to first plan out the space. This step will require certain tools using which obstructions could be removed. The amount of time will completely depend upon how complex your bathtub is and the area of your washroom. Once obstructions are removed, the area is prepared, and then other required steps will follow.

2. Drain Water From The Bathtub: To pack a bathtub or spa, it's essential to ensure that it's not wet. Therefore it's important to drain water from the bathtub. To drain water from the bathtub, our bathtub removal service turn on the bathtub faucet, and the remaining water will be drained out through the pipe. Also, they switch off the water source and let your bathtub completely dry. If you have a spa, with the help of a drain valve, our spa removalists Brisbane team will remove its cap or cover, then connect one end of the hose to the valve and move another end to the drainage spot.

3. Remove The Hardware: After preparing the area and draining all the water from the bathtub, the next step is to remove the hardware by removing the faucet, using the adjustable wrench to unscrew the connections by turning them counterclockwise, then detaching the faucet handles holding the faucet in place. Also, using the utility knife, tiles are removed, dry walls are removed, and then finally, by taking out screws, the tub is removed.

4. Professionally Pack The Bathtub: We have professional bathtub movers in Brisbane who are specialized in packing and will handle your bathtub or spa with utmost care. We will use the best packing materials like moving blankets, industrial bubble wraps, tapes, etc. Using certain techniques and tricks, our bathtub movers will secure your bathtub for damage-free relocation.

5. Bathtub/Spa Removals: Using some essential tools like plywood, furniture dollies, moving straps, ramps, etc., our expert bathtub movers remove the bathtub from its place and load it onto the truck.

6. Transport The Bathtub Through The Best Route: To reach a specific destination, there are several routes, and choosing the one with less obstruction is best and beneficial when it's about carrying items like a bathtub or spa. So, our bathtub movers in Brisbane take the shortest but safest route with fewer jerks and will transport your bathtub safely to the new location.

7. Reassemble The Bathtub: After reaching your new location, our bathtub removal service will unload and unpack the bathtub with utmost care and safety. And after that, they will reassemble the tub and its hardware parts in the bathroom; make it appropriate to use instantly.

FAQs On Bathtub/Spa Removals Brisbane

FAQs On Bathtub/Spa Removals Brisbane

Is it compulsory to take insurance for spa removals Brisbane?

No, it completely depends upon the customer's choice. If you want it, we have options you can go for it, anyways we ensure utmost carefulness while handling your items. No matter whether you take or don't take insurance, our quality of providing spa removals service remains the same. Still, we highly recommend buying removal insurance to tackle uncertain transit damage.

Our warehouses are for temporary storage, but there is no fixed period. It completely depends on customers for how much period they want to store their items and when they need them back. So, you can book our storage units to store your bathtub or hot tub for as long as you want. Call us today, and we will ensure the safety of your hot tub.

It depends on you completely. If you are capable of handling it all by yourself and know the process of spa or bathtub relocation, go ahead and do it yourself. But if you don't know the basic mechanism of moving a bathtub neither you have any experience, then handling it all by yourself will be risky. Therefore, we will suggest hiring our professional bathtub removal service brisbane. Call us on 0480 033 100 and get free quotes.

Avoid storing illegal, hazardous items like flammable gas and poisons since these are dangerous to your items as well as the professionals involved. Therefore, we take safety measures by avoiding storing such hazardous items, as maintaining safety is our priority. Apart from these items, you can store anything irrespective of size and weight.

2 Men And Van will provide you with two insurance policies for bathtub or spa removals. One is cargo insurance which covers the damage during loading/unloading and when in transit. Another is liability insurance for both bathtub pickup and drop-off. If you need further details, please call on 0480 033 100.

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Our moving services are professional and available throughout Brisbane.

Client's Feedback

2 Men And Van Strive To Become The Best Removalists In Brisbane

I recently hired Spa Removalists Brisbane to help me move my belongings to my new apartment, and I was extremely impressed with their services. They were efficient, professional, and took great care in handling my fragile items. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a stress-free and seamless moving experience.

Spa Removalists Brisbane Client Feedback


The team at Spa Removalists Brisbane were fantastic from start to finish. They were prompt in their communication, arrived on time, and worked tirelessly to ensure that my move was completed in a timely manner. They even helped me with packing and unpacking, making the entire process a breeze. I would definitely use their services again in the future.

Spa Removalists Brisbane Client Feedback


I was a bit hesitant about using a removalist company, but Spa Removalists Brisbane exceeded all of my expectations. They were incredibly respectful of my property and belongings, and made sure that everything was packed securely and arrived at my new home in perfect condition.

Spa Removalists Brisbane Client Feedback

Anne Melang

Spa Removalists Brisbane were recommended to me by a friend, and I'm so glad I took their advice. The team was professional, friendly, and made me feel at ease throughout the entire moving process. They even provided me with helpful tips and advice to make the move even smoother. I would definitely use their services again in the future.

Spa Removalists Brisbane Client Feedback


Moving can be a stressful experience, but Spa Removalists Brisbane made it so much easier for me. They were punctual, efficient, and made sure that everything was taken care of. I was impressed with their attention to detail and commitment to providing exceptional customer service. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable and trustworthy removalist company.

Spa Removalists Brisbane Client Feedback

Angela Walker


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