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Removal insurance in Australia

While moving your valuables from one place to another with the help of a moving company, it’s pretty obvious to feel like getting insured first, to be levelheaded and not feel agitated till you get it done. For you, it might be just a removals insurance. But for us, it’s way more than that. It’s all interlinked and involves each step to endeavor and not to outgo a single effort to ensure culminating results 

2 Men and Van enjoy no claim for moving insurance to date, all possible because of our first-class moving solutions and dedicated servings of years. But to reassure our customers’ peace of mind, we provide a removals & storage insurance policy for the following-

Moving and Storage Insurance for House Removalists Services

We provide a moving insurance for households both in case of big removals as well as small removals, local as well as interstate removals.. Our moving insurance starts right from the first step which is packing. During packing your items if any item gets damaged by our movers, you are acceptable to claim right then. This chain went to the last step of a complete removal service which is unpacking and placing. We cover everything that can be moved, soft toys, books, furniture, electronics, art, and antiques, vehicle, etc. Basically whatever can be moved and stored, can be insured. Except for the jewelry or cash. Book with our refined house removalists services booking, today.

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Moving and Storage Insurance for Office Removalists Services

When moving a commercial premise, customers look for moving insurance that could save their expensive IT systems and apparatus from damage while in transit. We at 2 Men and Van Office removalists services Adelaide take special care while moving such expensive equipment knowing that any mistake or damage could lead to extra complications and quite a more loss than just due to the damage. Our office movers are experienced and trained in packing, disconnecting the apparatus, and re-installing it. Our commercial moving insurance policy will cover your apparatus, which includes all your IT equipment like, PCs, Fax machines, Printers, Scanners, etc, as well as your office furniture and artwork. Call us today to get all the information on our budgeted removals insurance policy.

Moving and Storage Insurance for Fine Art and antique Removals

Fine Art and Antiques are expensive and while moving it locally or interstate, it is always wiser to get reassured. We relocate and provide removals insurance for all the fragile. We cover your precious metals, tiny, medium, and large antique paintings, pieces, sculptures, antique heirlooms, mirror work or other hangings, handicrafts, musical instruments like pianos, etc.

Easily accessible moving insurance & storage insurance in Australia

Moving Insurance cost would depend or influence by the following factors-

  • Made-up material and Cost of the items
  • Quantity of such items
  • Extra service brought. Like, Storage service.
  • Distance to be travel, Local or Interstate
  • Nature of items, like, PCs, Heirlooms, Precious stones, Bicycle, furniture, etc.

Contact us today to get a quick quote through our refined booking process. Get the best offers and cheapest quote at 2 Men and Van Adelaide and enjoy our complete removal service starting from consultation to the final touch valet unpacking service.

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Removals Insurance

To get a simplified knowledge of our insurance policy and clear all your doubts regarding the same, you can contact us on our customer care service number.

There is absolutely no need to buy insurance for your office furniture and equipment from external sources. We at 2 Men and Van provide a full amount of insurance cover for commercial sectors. We offer both an in transit and in storage insurance cover.

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