Have you ever wondered what it’s like to move a piano on your own and not with the help of professional Piano Removalists?

Think again. The answer might be normal, but the outcome could not be very fruitful. It has consequences that are totally adverse to you and your piano.

Pianos are expensive. They might be the most expensive item in your house, in fact. It does not make sense to try to save a bit of money and risk your pricey piano.

Why Choose Our Team Of Piano Removalists From 2 Men And Van?

The piano is an exceptionally beautiful instrument having all four legs attached to the ground. Even if you never touch your piano with your fingers to play, some people keep it in their homes as a piece of antique.

This beautiful structure of wood has an eye-catching appearance that makes your room or area extra classy.

You might wanna tune in to your piano on your own, but moving it is quite a difficult task. With that much weight and size, moving a piano is a hell of a job.

Especially when you are all alone to bear this burden. That’s why our team of piano movers offered by 2 Men And Van is here. Just to remove all the hurdles, you face while in the process of moving a piano.

The Team Game

Our team of piano movers in Brisbane the professionalism and efficiency they show for their work. In which they are the best, and you know what.

  • The way they understand your property, no one can. They know how each part must be treated and taken care of.
  • Timely delivery of the final touch is our specialty, with zero chance of error.
  • Bilateral Communication is the key factor for the accuracy they are going to show during the entire process.

The Process Of Our Piano Removalists

  • Sure, you are wondering about how they do it. Let’s take a closer look at the procedure our team of piano removalists follows.
  • First, they figure out the size of a piano and its type. It could be a grand piano, upright piano, modern piano, electrical piano, etc. An average piano can weigh in the range of 200-1000 lbs approx.
  • Consider the space of the room in which your piano is placed. So the measurements can be taken.
  • Covering up your piano to prevent it from additional dusting
  • Dusting is a headache, especially in the case of the piano, where you can take care of the delicate elements it consists of. To prevent this, we cover up your piano with a moving high-quality blanket.

The Straps

Determining its weight and size, the legit requirement of strong and formidable furniture straps is in effect now.

And the professional fronts on both ends of a piano hold the strap from underneath it with measurable balancing so that the piano will not slip away.

Piano Removalists – Moving Dolly

The wheel on its legs does not move a piano for long-distance. They are there just to move a piano for a few inches.
Our team of piano movers uses moveable dollys designed for heavy-duty equipment. So that your piano has wheels to run.

Piano Removalists- Disassembling

  • Not all parts of the piano have the same adaptability, but a few of them are
  • The legs of the piano
  • Cover of the piano
  • Unscrewing the keys table without distorting the pump organs of the piano.
    But it varies from piano to piano disassembling is a crucial job because one slightest mistake can tear apart the tuning of a piano. But our team will take care of that.

Lifting Up A Piano

Because of its size and weight, the piano is not a thing you can lift up easily. That’s why our piano moving company brings all those in a row who know how to lift and handle a piano properly.

Know Your Route

Our team of professional piano removers clears the path before moving the piano from one place to the other. Know exactly where to go.
The choice of the truck is based on the piano you have and based on the mobility distance. The drivers are specialized as well. We offer the best man with a van in Brisbane for removal service.

Piano Removalists- Cost-Effective

The piano moving cost has always been a concern for our customers, but they don’t have to sweat off that. We bring our service to the cheapest price with the time you allocated to us. That’s why we give you assurance of affordable service in Brisbane.

Insured Moving Service

The quality of our service is what we can best show you. If anything unfortunate goes along the way, we provide complete removal insurance in Brisbane for your product without hesitation. Because in our service, there is no compromise.

The Rest

Our team of piano removalists ensures a sound service for your product on the heated land of Brisbane. Where you can find more bottles of beer to consume at your disposal, but not a service-delivering team like us.
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