No doubt, moving a house with pets is tiresome and dull, but it can be made smooth and convenient if you hire someone to move.

Moving with Pets may not be as easy as it seems and sometimes may be quite challenging too. Pets love their stable environment very much or the environment they are used to, so once you decide to move, you should involve your pet in the process.

For example, when you are looking for a property to move to or when you decide on the property, take your pet along for a property inspection.

Doing this can help them to get along well with the sound, smell, and scenario of the new environment. You are ready to shift with House movers, and the initial shock will be less.

Hiring a professional moving company for moving house with pets saves time and helps your pet in the best way possible.

To solve the difficulty of moving pets (specifically cats, dogs, and rabbits) along with all your items, 2 Men and Van Brisbane is here to help you release your stress and provide you with the best quality services across Brisbane.


  • Be happy because if you’re anxious, your pet will also feel the same. If pets are happy, they will not create chaos while moving house and will not disturb House Removalists Brisbane.
  • On the day to move, also remember to carry old bedding as pets are more comfortable with their old bed and its scent. Also, pack their poop bags, blanket, pet food, water bowls, etc., and keep them engaged with bones, favorite toys, etc.
  • On a moving day, when you’ll have House movers with a pet, stay close to your pet as they might create a hurdle for house movers carrying your fragile belongings by tripping them down the stairs or by getting in their path or under their foot.
  • Your pet might not like someone coming into your house suddenly and clearing the goods, so it’s better to make them feel closer and familiar with house movers by introducing them to each other so that they become friendly with their smell.
  • During traveling, remember to keep your pet and its belongings along with you if you are moving in your own vehicle and give them a designated place.
  • Whether it takes a few hours or some days, it is important to remember all these points while moving with pets.
  • Many Research studies have shown that it is very exhausting to move house with pets, so be calm and do your work with care.

Now there are some guidelines for you to follow, ensuring low cost and the safest House moving –


Pets are territorial. They might not like the place they are about to shift with House Movers. Several times, they might run back miles away to their old house.

So it’s important to make them familiar with the new changes taking place around them. Take your pet more and more outside, for them to get used to unfamiliar surroundings.

Take them to the new house several times so that they can develop the idea of shifting to a new house before you actually move to a new house.

Pets are not afraid to show their feelings to their owner; they hide or bark a lot in unfamiliar atmospheres. Make them aware of the changes going to take place once the furniture removalists Brisbane arrive and start packing the household things while moving your house along with your pets.

Remember to put your pet’s belongings in the new house before the arrival of the pet to ensure that the pet doesn’t feel strange and give them a familiar vibe.


Try to keep the routine of your pet as normal as possible. Feed them at usual times, and take them out for a walk as you usually do. Pets can sense their atmosphere, so try to remain normal or calm during the move.

Many experienced House movers with pets suggest the same. Our company, 2 Men and Van, tries our best to reduce your anxiety on a moving day while moving your house with pets.


Don’t leave your pet alone at home, as they may feel uncomfortable owing to the changes around them. Keep them under your observation and reduce their access to the outside.

Give care and attention to them till they feel good to explore the rest of the house. Once they get used, it will be easy for you and also for them.

Tips To Follow While Moving House With Pets


The first thing you must do is to hire a professional house removalist while Moving house with Pets. They’ll help you with all relocation-related tasks.

Their job includes packing and unpacking essential goods, safely loading them into their van, and transporting them in an accurate time. Hiring house movers reduces the chances of damage to the goods.


Pack all the essentials of your pet in a separate bag before the moving day. Your pet’s belongings are their best buddy. They feel good around their own items.

It includes a blanket, bedsheet, bowls, etc. Unpack all these things as soon as you arrive at your new house.


If you are going to move to a new house, remember to consult your veterinarian. Tell them about relocating with your pet with the help of House Movers.

They can tell you about your pet’s condition and how long it can travel. The vet can also provide an anti-anxiety medicine if required.


2 Men and Van can help you in moving interstate or internationally. We will guide you from the beginning until the end of your house moves along with your pet.

For example, when you’ll relocate internationally, you will have to make your pet’s passport, animal health certificate, shipping time, vaccines, etc.


Get your pet’s vaccination up to date before moving, especially when you are moving to rural areas. Keeping them vaccinated makes them healthy and lively, as also the pets around them. You may consult your vet as to when your pet’s vaccination will finish.


Your pet’s safety is your utmost priority. Keeping them safe on a moving day is very important and also very difficult at the same time as you might be busy with moving house with pets.

Give your best to make your pets’ routine normal. Treat it the way you always do. Playing with them, giving them some time, and having lots of treats to distract them will always help.

Many Professionals believe the same while moving house with pets. Don’t feed your pet just before moving in case of travel sickness.


For moving with pets, arrange a separate place for your pet on a moving day. To avoid unnecessary trouble and to keep the paths clear for your house, Movers arrange a room in the house away.

First, clear it, then put your pet into the room along with things that will keep them comfortable for the time being, such as comfy bedding, favorite toys, favorite food, and water.


Set up a comfortable place for them to sit after you arrive there, especially one being calm and peaceful. It would be better if it were similar to their old place, giving them a homely feeling.

Give them things to keep them busy. Check on them at regular intervals to ensure that they are not distressed by the changes around them.


Once you arrive at your new house moving with pets, it is better to take them out to the new area so he or they can get accustomed to their new daily route.

Once in your new house, check whether the fences and gates are secure enough or do not have any hidden area before letting them out into the garden to explore.


If you are moving house with a pet far away, remember to register your pet with a vet in your new area to keep them healthy and get them checked up at regular intervals.


There’s a lot to think about when moving house with pets. If you are worried enough about moving, here is our expert team that can help you any time with our moving services and cleaning services in Brisbane.

That is why our company, 2 Men and Van, is here to make the move stress-free and easy. Our professionals know the best for you, so allow them to handle all the hectic and hassle-free tasks. We give our service at affordable and cheap rates.

Now that you know exactly what to do in the week before moving house with your pet, during the move, or after the move saves you time, money, and stress on your move.

We have years of experience in moving services, including moving with pets. At 2 Men and Van, we offer a wide range of quality services that suits your requirements.

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