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Building your dream house is the ultimate goal for many Australians. Whenever we think of moving into a new house, we enjoy the thoughts of settling in. But the pressure and efforts that one has to make himself go through while executing the process are irreplaceable. Moving house interstate or even local comes with its own set of difficulties. But we cannot emphasize enough the importance of planning, whether its a local move or the interstate move. When the moves are stepped well than only the individual can reap the benefits of hassle-free relocations. A house removalists service becomes a need when it comes to moving oversized, or delicate furniture. Even if you don't have many complicated furniture to move, you could find yourself stuck in the process, due to not having any experience in shifting before.

Some people choose to move on their own. But even if it is the simplest of the moves, it is always better to make sure that you get the successful moves with the help of the professional house movers. When we think of one, we often connote it being over the budget and too expensive. Actually, it's true!

Yes, Just for the sole aim of helping people afford a moving service and get an experience of moving with professional house removalists, we aim at providing the people with the most affordable moving and packing solutions. We all understand that moving house isn't that easy, but finding the right house removalists to move isn't that difficult.

Two House Removalists delivering household items to the destination

Moving your house can be an untiring task, and you definitely can't handle the work alone especially, without the help of the professional house removalists, who could understand the entire process and also help you plan and organize it. Many of them are. But what if we say that 2 Men and a Van house removalists service charges the most reasonable rates and provides the best budget-friendly solutions to the households?

Benefits of hiring our House Removalists in Australia

Full house relocation as well as specific items van removals

Whether it's a modern style house, ranch-style house, or a prefabricated house, our house removalists are experienced moving almost every style and type of house in Australia. From 5+ rooms full house moving to a specific item relocation, one can easily point out the difference, but for us, the standards we put in each of our moves are of high calibre and though large moves take more effort, single items removals or small moves take specific skills, that 2 Men and Van are vigilant and experienced about. We always strive to equalize the importance and efforts put into the removals of any scale.

Experts in Disassembling and Reassembling

Moving with 2 Men and a Van means ensuring the safe removal of all types and sizes of furniture. Be it fragile, awkwardly shaped items, cumbersome and heavy weighted, wooden or electronics, our house removalists move every type of furniture safely using the right skills and techniques.

Here are some of the benefits of disassembling

  • It makes th packing process easier and much smoother
  • If the pathways are smaller than disassembling the oversized furniture could save the furniture from getting scratched
  • Lowers the handling of the items
  • Consumes lesser space in the truck

Some household items can be easily moved, but some sort of requires technical know-how. These items could be your Bed, Pool table, dining table, Wardrobe, Piano, etc. For a safe relocation an item like these, if moved with a bunch of others, mostly during full house shifting and moving would need to be taken apart which is known as disassembling, for a damage-free and safe relocation.

Two customers unpacking their boxes delivered by our house removalists

Van Removals Available at short notice

We suggest you don't worry if you want urgent house removalists services or specific item relocation locally or interstate our affordable house movers Australia are one call away from your successful relocation. 2 Men and van, take instant removals very seriously and provides removal services at a short notice.

We have a wider area network that serves with the removalists van throughout Australia. Whether it Adelaide from here you are calling us, or it's Brisbane or Melbourne, we will reach you in no time. With the fastest turnaround time possible, we have been providing people with the most efficient man with a van service as their house removalists in Australia.

House Removalists Packing and unpacking

2 Men and Van' House Removalists provide a series of varying packing supplies to secure and protect your stuff while moving to the destination or to the storage house. Our full valet unpacking helps to settle your new accommodation without much doing. Our cheap house removalists company will ensure that your belongings are reached safely at your destination.

There are two types of valet unpacking services

Full valet unpacking: When it comes to hiring the full valet unpacking services, it has been quoted to the customers for a firm price. This service allows the customer to enjoy and take the feel of the new house that is fully set up as their old house. We will make th bed, set the living room, stock the pantry, arrange the kitchen, fill the wardrobe, ready your bathroom, etc. The team that will help you pack, will be the team that will also return back house to make sure that the unpacking could be completed without any hassle.

Partial valet unpacking: When it comes to understanding the budget of the customer than there are just a few house removalists in Australia which are better than the rest in which the PR Removals are one of them. That is why we also provide people with partial unpacking services. All you have to do is to call us and choose the level of participation that you want from us. You might have certain areas where there requires a heavy lifting or some fragile furniture would have to be placed like your kitchen re-establishment, your house office, your garden spa relocation, etc. Anything that you want is more than achievable, all you have to do is to ask our customer care support staff to get th quote for the partial unpacking services based on the information that you have provided to us.

Cleaning services in Australia

We provide pre and post move House Cleaning Service covering all the major suburbs of Australia like Sydney, Canberra, Perth, Melbourne, etc. We can help you with washing, dusting, vacuuming, wiping, scrubbing, sanitizing, etc. We are instantly available with our interstate Man and Van moving service.

Our house removalists booking services are super uncluttered to ensure a prompt quoting. With us, you just need not worry about any hidden charges at the end of the relocation, because our affordable house movers costs and quotes are easily understandable and at the same time fair and fully transparent.

A one-stop solution for all of your moving needs in Australia

Our house removalists provides customers with a whole packaged removalists services extensively covering all the directions and effectively helping our customers not knock another door for other essential removalists service when one booked already. Our affordable house movers aim is to assist our customers in every possible step whilst their moving journey so that they could just settle in, without any particular task left.

Our house removalists services includes -

Our Reliable and Trusted House Movers in Australia

When it comes to moving you can only trust two dimensions to ensure safety. The first is handling and the second is the packaging. A professionally done packing not only protects the item but also saves your time. Our packing process is highly effective and efficient. We are trained in packing even the most complicated items when it comes to packing the furniture like a Piano or a Pool table.

2 Men and Van ensure professional house movers are put into your service to perform the job. They are fully resourced and sufficiently trained to make it easy and potent. Also, We use high-quality wrappings and crates to pack your belongings.

We take special care when it comes to packing your belongings. Packing is a necessary task that can make or break a move very easily. There are so many people out there who don't understand the importance of packing and take this task into their hands, completely underestimating the importance of it. The outcome being damaged property and a lot of regret. There are many things that only professional packers can do, like packing your plates of crockeries, and other delicate and costly items like an electronic appliance in your kitchen.

Image of household items packed by the House Movers

Our packing team is provided with buckle straps, moving trolleys, dollies, flatbed, lifting machines and ramped moving trucks, to ensure safe loading. For antiques, we use our custom-built crates and high quality moving paper to coat and secure.

Best Pre-Move Surveys for an organized house move

Generally, for large size moves and at some special conditions, we suggest customers book a pre-move survey, exclusively designed to wipe away the dirt of doubts at both the ends. Our local and interstate House movers take, planning very seriously because a great plan only can get things organized well and execute well.

So the first question arises what kind of doubts should be sorted before executing the move? Here are a few that we pay attention to and in fact note.

Our house movers will note down-

  • When to do the house removal?
  • How much stuff to be moved to?
  • What other services do you require?
  • Where to exactly move?
  • How many men would be needed?
  • Whether there's a need for special handling of an item or not?
  • How much cost would occur?
  • Measurements of the pathway.
  • Special handling tools and machines

What are the benefits that you get when going for our house Removalists Pre-Move Survey?

  • They get the opportunity to question and clear their doubts
  • It leads to better coordination
  • They can prepare themselves well one day before the moving
  • They get the checklist of up to 10 days to make their house relocation stress-free
  • They can demand a customized service
  • Get clarity of provisions in a particular service
  • They get the fair and final quote
Affordable House Removalists in Austraiia

Pre-Move Checklist for complete house move

2 Men and Van house removalists provide a complete checklist for the customers to help them manage and successfully complete all the vital tasks that make the your move well organized and smoothly executed.

Our checklist is designed after close observation and long years of experience. We can provide you with up to 10 days checklist, in which you will get a list of people to notify, like banks, school, tax authorities, etc; clear the pending payments, prepare for electronics and furniture removals like start emptying fridge, selecting what to move what to not, donating the unwanted, etc; and so on. This checklist work wonders in for interstate moves.

Reason to choose 2 Men and a Van Removals for moving your house

Here is why you should hire 2 Men and a Van for your local and interstate House Move

  • Our House removalists are professional and experienced in moving your oversized items.
  • Our local and interstate moving service are fully insured
  • Our cheap house removalists provides customers with a friendly environment to move in
  • Our house moving company provide custom crating for your antiques to prevent breakings
  • Our House Van Removals service booking process is streamlined and we provide instant quotes
  • Full valet unpacking service is available
  • We offer pre-move and post-move cleaning services
  • We have the latest handling tools and moving vehicles
  • Available all week, morning to evening
  • Highly competitive rates
  • Obligation-free pre-move survey.
  • Have done thousands of relocations already
  • Budget-friendly moving solutions and 100% transparency
  • Highly protected and monitored storage houses

Our Trusted Van Removals and Storage Services in Australia

The feeling of insecurity always burdens the customer who leaves their valuable possessions to the storage houses and isn't influenced by the time limit. It is hard to push that away if not provided with relieving security and measurements for 100 percent protection.

2 Men and Van furniture removal and storage services are one of the safest and well known. Our affordable house removalists services do not compromise with the quality of protection and safety they offer. So don't get fooled by our cheaper rates and numerous offerings.

Cheap House Removalists Australia

2 Men and Van Interstate House removalist services are built with a sole thought of giving apex moving services that render unbeaten safety, be it in transit or in storage, and pave the way for existing and pioneer customers to believe in us and our aced house removalists services. For that matter, we provide streamlined storage insurance as well.

We provide both short term and long term storage services both fully secured, convenient, and affordable. Regardless of the time limit, your possessions will be handled with the utmost care and deep monitoring throughout the day and night till they are with us. Proper inventory management and amidst communication is ensured.

House Removalists in Australia

FAQs About House Removalist Services Near You

How to choose the right van size for the removals based on the requirements?

Enlist with us the volume, size and quality of belongings you want to move, and get the right information on the size of the removals van and the number of movers you would require. Moreover, you will get a quick estimate for full house removalists services and if you are looking for a more budgeted move, then we provide you with more flexible rates for the customers with a limited budget. 2 Men and a Van has been established with the right motive of helping people moving to other states with a low budget. To get a quick quote you can contact us on the number given on the official website of 2 Men and a Van.

Of course. 2 Men and a Van also provide the packing services for the customer moving to longer distances. Our house movers are proficient in moving different types of houses like modern, ranch-style houses, etc to the interstates on time, we have moved houses to and from Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Cairns, Perth, and many other suburbs, conveniently.

Yes, All our professional house packers are trained in packing all type of household material which are most commonly present and used in every house of Australia. They will pack and handle all the furniture with the utmost care so that it will stay protected from all the jerks and vibrations that occur during transit. Even when you have other plans with your furniture like if you want to store it in the storage house, we would be all set and ready to make it move to the destination, resting you assured about the safety of your furniture in the storage house. With 2 Men and van, your belongings are safe.

Our storage house charges depend upon the duration of the time that you want to store your belongings, plus also the quantity of the belongings and their quality. Because of the space that you are acquiring and also the storage conditions that you are looking for. contact us to get a fast estimate of the storage services.

2 Men and Van provide the people with 2 types of valet unpacking services that are one part and the other is full valet unpacking services. With the help of which you will be able to get yourself settled in your new house. To read more the best thing that you can do is to check our valet unpacking services estimates. For which you have to call on the customer care number that is being given on the official website of the 2 Men and a Van.

When we talk about the hard and fast rules which could make any house move quickly completed or completed within the discussed time limits, there isn't such formula. It all depend upon how well prepared in advance you are, the number of belongings that you are moving, traffic and so on. Any hold-up caused by our removalists or due to the traffic, the extra time will be deducted from the quote and you will be given back the extra charge that you have given the name of per hour rates.

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Client Feedback

We strive to become number one mover in australia

We recently moved our home with 2 Men and a Van and must praise them for their outstanding job attitude and skills. Have to say that 2 Men and a Van are the best furniture movers near me. Their moving team was so polite to us and without much demand and hassle, they cleanly packed our furniture with their amazing packing skills and loaded it to the truck.

We were just so relaxed when they were silently doing their work, we could just feel that peace in our heads, by normally looking at everything loaded one by one to the vehicle. Everything happened better than expected. We thanks to 2 Men and a Van and their teams’ fantastic efforts who made it all seem so effortless.

Cheap 2 Men and a Van services in Australia


I recommended 2 Men and a Van to move my aunt from Adelaide to Sydney on a recommendation of my friend who moved her house last year. Though she praised their moving skills, a lot but still, to be honest, I was pretty nervous at first because I personally haven’t used their services before, was only following my friend’s advice.

But soon as my aunt got moved to Sydney, she called me and thanked me for such a great suggestion. Today am writing for your moving company to thanks your movers who helped my aunt move with such ease. Really the best furniture Removalists near me. Thank you.

Cheap 2 Men and a Van near me


Hi, Today I am dropping this mail to you, to thank you and your 2 Men who relocated me to Melbourne last week. I was so impressed by your men’s’ efforts and skills, that I couldn’t miss out on praising their skills and such sweet gestures.

None of my antiques was broken, my showpieces and crockery were as intact as before. I am highly satisfied with your antique removal service and have already start recommending to my friends. Best removals services near me. Thank you so much for this amazing experience.

two guy and a truck services in Australia

Anne Melang

Hello, Guys am Jessica. You helped me move my piano a couple of days ago. First I must clarify that generally, don’t write reviews. But after witnessing such professional piano moving service I couldn’t see myself not appreciative of your efforts.

I know my Piano is quite an old style and pretty aged, but still its close to my heart. And I wanted it to be delivered with utmost care. So, thanks to you and your team to get that done for me. I got a service exceeding what I was expecting it to be, it was more careful and polished than I thought. You are the best furniture movers near me. Thanks, again.

cheap man with a van removals in Australia


Very Thankful to 2 Men and a Van for our professional house relocation. They managed to move all my oversized items with great precision. My antiques were beautifully packed and none of them is broken or cracked. Also, your move-in unpacking and cleaning service was very helpful.

I loved how you guys packed my couches and dining table. Also, your pre-move checklist was my daily go-to for preparation. All in all, and my husband I am super impressed by your removals and packing services. You are the best removalists movers near me. Would like to thank you on behalf of my husband as well.

two guy and a truck removals services in Australia

Angela Walker

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