A separate section of the house has different requirements; in the kitchen, gas, utensils, microwave, juicer, glasses, etc., and in the washroom, toilet cleaner, toilet paper, and freshener are required. So, to successfully run your house, you must have all the household items needed. 

A new home setup is challenging. So, in this blog, 2 Men And Van Brisbane have compiled a list of household items needed for the new home setup. This process can be made more straightforward when you take a professional’s help. 

8 Household Items Needed For A New Home Setup 

When moving to a new place, you must look at the household items needed for the new home setup

1) Kitchen Essentials 

Kitchen items are essential in the new home setup. Indeed with them, you can make your living proper. Gas, knives, grater, utensils, dishes, oven, microwave, mixer grinder, etc. are very obvious that you’ll need in your new home. Then you will require grocery items like coffee, flour, vegetables, bread, cornflakes, spices, sugar, salt, cooking oils, oats, eggs, milk, etc. Depending upon your need, grocery items can vary.

2) Decorative Pieces 

Do you want to give a new look to your house? Then, the decorative pieces are the ones to help you in making your home attractive.

Decorative items play a major role in setting up the house as they add more to your house’s beauty. Often people feel like decorative pieces will cost more, but that’s a misconception; you can also decorate your home using homemade stuff.

Decorative pieces like wall art, vases, specialized mirrors, handmade pieces, show pieces, indoor plants, hourglass, cushions, curtains, etc., are used to give a new look to your house. 

3) Cleaning Essentials

Cleaning is super essential you need for a safe and healthy environment. Especially to set up a new home, cleaning your new house would be the first thing you’ll do. 

In the new home setup, you’ll need a vacuum cleaner, moper, broom, dustpan, toilet brush, glass cleaner, wood cleaner, furniture cleaner, dustbin, etc. Therefore, cleaning essentials are fundamental, which almost everyone knows. You can also hire house cleaners if it’s tough for you to handle. 

4) Sentimental Items 

There might be many sentimental items you cannot afford to leave behind. Sentimental items like photo frames, handmade things, drawings, books, or any gift can be very important to set up our new home. Therefore sentimental items are again essential household items that many people prefer. 

5) Furniture 

Each section of the house needs specialized furniture. However, there are a few basics: it depends on your needs, affordability, and choice. 

Kitchen: chairs and stools

Bedroom: a bed and cupboard

Study room: a table and bookshelves 

Living room: sofa, tables, and chairs

6) Bedrooms Essentials 

All bedrooms need a bed, dressing table, cupboard, table, curtains, pillows, air conditioner or heater depending upon the weather, mattress, bedsheets cushions, and some decorative items or sentimental pieces like photographs, wall art, etc. These are the basics that anybody will need.

The essential list can be modified depending on their need. So whenever setting up your new home, bedroom essentials must be taken care of. Bedrooms are the space where you’ll rest, so it is crucial to make it one comfortable room. 

7) Bathroom Essentials 

Bathroom essentials are fundamental needs for every house. These include toilet paper, brushes, toothpaste, hand wash, etc. These are a few bathroom essentials that everybody will need, so carry them to their new home. 

When setting up your new home, you must set it up from primary to unique. Similarly, basics like toothbrushes, the geyser, etc., must be included when it comes to bathroom essentials.

8) Gardening Materials

If you like gardening, gardening materials are another vital household item. You will need gardening tool sets, garden twine, etc., in your new house. 

The garden is the space that freshens up the whole environment. So, to make sure it’s in the right condition, gardening materials are used. But it’s subjective; if you have little liking for plants, you can skip it. 


Whether you want a new home with entire household items or want to start a new life at your new home, you will need to have a good checklist of household items. Every section of the house needs different treatments and items. So when setting up your home, ensure you have everything you need. 

The household items list provided in this post will give you great aid in making the list of your household items for a new home setup. 

If you need to relocate your stuff safely for your new home setup, you can consider 2 Men And Van Brisbane. Our moving services allow you to stay stress-free during moving and setting up your new home. 

For more details you can call us on 0480 033 100, or

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