Inventory management necessitates constant attention and is critical to the success of your business. Even the most successful e-commerce stores face challenges yearly in getting lower-demand products off their shelves. Following this simple guide, you will be well-equipped to sell excess inventory during the slower months.

Sales often fall off in the early months of the year and at the end of seasons when new products become available. Rather than holding onto these items hoping that someone will suddenly purchase them, finding ways to get rid of them as soon as possible is best.

Not only sales but furniture or house movers in Brisbane is also a challenging task to opt for in which we have to move some heavy pieces of furniture on our own. We must think and learn the various aspects of carrying a heavy piece of furniture as smoothly and safely as possible. 

5 Ingenious Ways To Move Heavy Furniture

1. Select The Best Moving Strategy

As you might expect, how you intend to move your furniture will impact how you start preparing it for the trip to your new and beautiful home. Consider the cost of furniture to be carried, your expenditure, and the amount of time and energy you’re ready and able to put in.

Full-service moving companies: If you have large furniture items (especially a piano) that you think will be challenging to move on your own, you may want to look into traditional moving companies. This method is effective, but it is costly and risky.

The full-service industry’s damage and loss claims are around 20%. It is because items may be unloaded and reloaded several times during their journey, or they may even be shipped alongside other people’s belongings. Unless you decide to go this path, ensure you have insurance. If anything wrong happens, you’ll be grateful to your past self.

Freight shipping firm: You can hire a long-distance shipping company to ship your furniture. It may impact your expense, delivery times, security settings, and other factors. You will have two shipping options: LTL (less-than-truck-load) and FTL (full-truck-load). Unlike LTL shipments, which may be transferred multiple times during transport, FTL shipments remain on the same truck the entire time, significantly reducing the risk of damage.

A good rule of thumb is if you have a lot of furniture that needs delicate handling and need to move it long distances quickly. On the other hand, LTL should suffice if you’re only shipping a few pieces of furniture and don’t care when they arrive at their new location.

It would be best if you also looked into ground and air freight. The better option for you will depend on your shipping, how much you’re shipping, and even whether you’re shipping perishables!

2. Disassemble Furniture Into Its Parts

The more you can dismantle each piece of heavy furniture, the better. It includes removing all removable parts, such as cushions, knobs, legs, drawers, and so on, and disassembling items, such as sectionals and bed frames. If you need to remove screws or other small pieces, Place the small materials for each item in a baggie and label it, so you know what each part is for.

3. Use Proper Lifting Techniques

Though you can likely tell from the item list you’ll want to slide, push, and drag heavy furniture far more than you’ll want to lift it. Pulling and sliding when you hit a staircase or need to load the item into the truck will not suffice. It will reduce your body’s stress and make the entire task much more accessible. Always consider security first; however, before you lift, ensure you know how to do it correctly.

4. Focus While Going Up And Down The Stairs

Moving heavy furniture up and down stairs adds another layer of difficulty to an already difficult task, but there isn’t always a way around it. You’ll need to work with a partner to move heavy furniture upstairs; this isn’t something you want to try on your own. Carry the item high and low, which means the person lower on the stairs carries it from the bottom surface, and the person higher on the stairs takes it from the top cover. Slowly move forward, with the person at the bottom setting the pace.

Appearances can be deceiving. If an item is heavy but small, you should still put two people on it on the job and use the high-to-low method to work your way down the stairs slowly and deliberately. Completing a task a few minutes faster is not worth risking serious injury. Take your time, and don’t rush through the job.

5. Plan Your Move-In As Well

Before you haul a piece of furniture across the country, make sure it fits! It is especially true when moving to a smaller home. Before you load that chaise longue, measure it. Look after all the passages and materials you may have put in between. 


Moving furniture over a long distance necessitates advanced planning. Finding the best moving or furniture relocation services for your needs is critical. Make a mental note of how the pieces will fit together along the way and inside your new home. Tie everything down as much as possible, and check to ensure it’s secure if you’re travelling with it. When unloading, place your large pieces in their new locations in your new home right away. In the long term, this will save you time and energy.

And still, if you experience hurdles moving your heavy piece of furniture, 2 men and a van brisbane are here. We are a renowned furniture moving company that professionally carries any piece of furniture. So feel free to contact us anytime when you face any issues. 

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