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FAQs About Our Removalists Services

Office Removalists Services in Australia

What will be the cost of my office removal?

The cost of moving depends not on just a single factor, but a lot of them are on the list. Few are like, distance to be traveled, moving packaging service depending upon the quality and quantity of your items, any special service taken up to say like, cleaning service or installation service, etc.

To book any of our removalists services, you can simply visit on our website and fill the quote form given on the contact us page. Or just directly call our customer support service via the same. If you mail us at our website mail ID or fill up the quote form correctly, we will respond between 15 min-48 hours.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, direct bank transfers, or just any legal and easy method is acceptable. Contact us to know more about our payment terms and conditions.

As soon as you have a moving date. Our team will synchronize the dates. Just give us a call.

Inflammable, gasses, plants, paints, oils, are few that we restrict to store or move.

When it comes to moving your office, you don't want to take chance. The easiest and the fastest way to move your office is with 2 Men and a Van. Simply write "office removalists near me".

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House Removalists Services in Australia

How to know which van size would be perfect?

Enlist with us the quantity and quality of stuff you want to move, and get the information on the size of van and quantity of men you would require. Furthermore, you will get a quick estimate for full home packing and moving services, if you are looking for a budgeted move, then we can directly provide a flat quote.

Of course. We, at 2 Men and a Van, move across Australia. Our movers are proficient in moving house interstates on time, we have moved households to Sydney, Canberra, Cairns, Melbourne, Perth, and many other suburbs, conveniently and safely.

Yes, We at 2 Men and a Van provides a handpicked team of professionally trained and well-worked packing and moving services experts. They will pack and handle all your items securely and with utmost care. We pack every household item with proficiency.

Our storage house charges depend upon the time limit you want to store, space you are acquiring, and special storage conditions, etc. Contact us to get an estimate of our moving and storage service.

Yes, Right from the beginning to the end, we provide frequent moving solutions to apt your needs. We will unpack and settle down your furniture for easy relocation.

To easily find us on any search engine, write "house movers near me". You can then come to our website and contact us via, phone call or by sending us an email. 2 Men and a Van offers the cheapest and most instantly available house removals services.

Packaging Service in Australia

Do you provide wooden pallets for the fragile?

Yes, We at 2 Men and a Van ensures to pack your fragile in wooden pallet and crates that we personally make and for special cases, we provide customized crating as well.

We disassemble the oversized items, for easy packing. Our movers and packers are proficient and experienced packing even the most critical and large-sized items, without any difficulty.

To find us on any search engine, fast and easily, just write in, "Removals Packing Services near me". 2 Men and a Van provides high-quality packing services. Our customer care staff is always available answer your call.

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Cleaning Service in Australia

How can I book a moving and an end of lease cleaning service?

While booking a moving service which you can book through filling the quote form where you can mention what other services do you want to avail, or directly contact us via a call to confirm your booking with your requirements. Our customer support service will clear all your doubts and help you get the right service suitable to your needs.

Yes, You will only pay for the selective area cleanings that you’ve mentioned at the time of booking.

Well, we provide pre-move and post-move cleaning services, but if there’s a need, 2 Men and a Van would arrange one for you.

To find us on any search engine simply type in "Cleaning Services near me". We at 2 Men and a Van is always available to provide you with whatever services you want.

Complete Removals in Australia

Do you offer a commercial valet unpacking and apparatus installation service?

Yes, We provide both the commercial valet unpacking service which includes unwrapping and unboxing your IT equipment, furniture, and art removals. Also, we provide a re-installation service to help you restart your office from the very next day without much arrangements and hassle.

We have from small sprinter vans to large 7.5-tonne Luton vans. Talking about moving trucks, we can provide you with a 10-tonne truck to relocate a large 4 to 6 room house or 10-12 employees office, conveniently.

To easily find us, write on any search engine "complete movers near me". We at 2 Men and a Van are always available at your service.

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Small Removals in Australia

What is the cost of moving my upright standard-sized piano?

We provide small removals services that cover your single items’ movings services as well as art and antique removals. Our small or budgeted moving services are flat rated and you can get your instant quote by contacting us and describing a few answers like date, time, traveling distance, men required, special handling needs, and few other questions.

It is as simple as coming to our contact page and filling up the quote form or giving us a call to book the appointment. We provide an instant quote for small and budgeted removals to our clients.

It is as simple as coming to our contact page and filling up the quote form or giving us a call to book the appointment. We provide an instant quote for small and budgeted removals to our clients.

Furniture storage in Australia

How can I track my belongings in storage?

While in storage we provide an ongoing communication process for which our storage receptionists are put in duty, to ensure smooth information management and communication flow. You can suitably call any day to get a check on your belongings.

Depending upon the time of storage you want, you can store for days, weeks, months, and even years. You can pay the rents, likewise.

We at 2 Men and a Van offers various kinds of removals services in Australia. To find us on google you just simply need to write in "Long term storage service near me". Find 2 Men and a Van and book removals and storage services of your choice.

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Fine art storage in Australia

Are your fine art storage arrangements strict enough?

We have storage solutions for any problem. We have smoke sensors, CCTVs, State of the art DVRs, door card locks, security personnel, computerized records, and burglar alarms. With 2 Men and a Van, your fine art is more secured and protected than any other place.

It depends. A numerous factors determine the cost of storing your fine art. Like, nature, material, special units required, quantity, for how long you want to store, etc. The best solution is to contact us and get your doubts cleared up.

To find us on any search engine. Simply type "fine art storage service near me". We are always ready at your service. We will make sure that your fine art is moved the right way, stored at a convenient storage house.

Piano Removals in Australia

Do I need to arrange for fine art relocation insurance from external sources?

Whatever we move is the first insured. We do not move anything without insurance until it's the customers’ demand. Absolutely no need to insure from outside. The quotes we provide are inclusive of all the services that you want to avail, including insurance.

We have experience moving thousands of piano Australia wide. We have done local and interstate piano relocation. Our Piano and antique removalists are well trained in packing and handling, as well as experienced in working with complex circumstances. Your Piano is absolutely safe in our hands.

2 Men and Van are the most trusted and commonly picked piano movers in Australia. To find us on any search engine, you can simply type, Piano Movers near me.

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Pool Table Removals in Australia

Do you offer expert pool table disassembling and reassembling?

Our pool table removalists services only work on specialized disassembling, packing and storage services. No untrained can disassemble and reassemble such complex items. Our professional pool table removals experts take apart all its parts smoothly, pack nicely, and moved to the destination without any damage.

For packing such giant and heavy tables all in one go is quite difficult and not deemed as a solution. We have to take apart a few parts of your pool table to ease the process of packing and handling. After that, we pack each of the parts separately with our high standards of packing materials that shield the table from all the ends and ensure a damage-free removal.

2 Men and Van provides the cheapest Pool or Billiard table Removals services in Australia. You can contact us through the contact details given in our website. To find us in any search engine you can simply write, "Pool table Movers Near You".

Art and Antique Removals in Australia

Do you have a full range of art and antique packagings?

At 2 Men and a Van, you will get services high on quality. From our art and antique moving team to the supplies they use to pack and handle your antiques, everything is specialized. Yes, we offer our own range of antique packing and handling supplies to ensure zero cracking and breaking until it reached to the final destination.

With a full range of specialized fine art and antique removals and handling supplies and our skilled antique removalists, can expect a convenient, smooth and damage-free office artwork removal.

To find us on any search engine, you simple need to type in, "antique and fine art removals near me". 2 Men and a Van is one of the best furniture and antique removalists in Australia.

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Removals Insurance in Australia

What is your House Moving and storage Insurance policy?

To get a simplified knowledge of our insurance policy and clear all your doubts regarding the same, you can contact us on our customer care service number.

There is absolutely no need to buy insurance for your office furniture and equipment from external sources. We at 2 Men and a Van provide a full amount of insurance cover for commercial sectors. We offer both an in transit and in storage insurance cover.

To find us easily on any search engine, you simply need to type "removals insurance near me". 2 Men and a Van provides the affordable removals services and removals insurance.

Interstate Removalists in Australia

Are your interstate Moves insured?

Yes, Our Interstate furniture removals are fully insured. This means if you get your belongings damaged while in the move or in the storage house, you can simply claim us between 48 hours of relocation. You will be compensated with the full amount of your damage. You can call our customer care service to get detailed clarification on our insurance policy.

Yes, We can move your pet interstate as well.

Yes, We have a wide range of moving trucks that are suitable to relocate bikes as well as cars interstate.

You may check our online query form or mail us, and fill it with the correct information. You can expect a discussion call between 15 min to 48 hours. Or you can simply call us at our official number given on the website and plan a move.

Of course, we reassemble the items when we reach the final destination. Whether its an office relocation or house relocation, we provide a full valet unpacking, reassembling, and re-installation service.

To find us on any search engine, fast and easy, just write in, "Interstate Removalists near me". And you are all sorted! We at 2 Men and van make sure that we reach each and every person on time and with the best removals services. That is why we make sure that we are always ready to pick your call.

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Client Feedback

We strive to become number one mover in australia

We recently moved our home with 2 Men and a Van and must praise them for their outstanding job attitude and skills. Have to say that 2 Men and a Van are the best furniture movers near me. Their moving team was so polite to us and without much demand and hassle, they cleanly packed our furniture with their amazing packing skills and loaded it to the truck.

We were just so relaxed when they were silently doing their work, we could just feel that peace in our heads, by normally looking at everything loaded one by one to the vehicle. Everything happened better than expected. We thanks to 2 Men and a Van and their teams’ fantastic efforts who made it all seem so effortless.

Cheap 2 Men and a Van services in Australia


I recommended 2 Men and a Van to move my aunt from Adelaide to Sydney on a recommendation of my friend who moved her house last year. Though she praised their moving skills, a lot but still, to be honest, I was pretty nervous at first because I personally haven’t used their services before, was only following my friend’s advice.

But soon as my aunt got moved to Sydney, she called me and thanked me for such a great suggestion. Today am writing for your moving company to thanks your movers who helped my aunt move with such ease. Really the best furniture Removalists near me. Thank you.

Cheap 2 Men and a Van near me


Hi, Today I am dropping this mail to you, to thank you and your 2 Men who relocated me to Melbourne last week. I was so impressed by your men’s’ efforts and skills, that I couldn’t miss out on praising their skills and such sweet gestures.

None of my antiques was broken, my showpieces and crockery were as intact as before. I am highly satisfied with your antique removal service and have already start recommending to my friends. Best removals services near me. Thank you so much for this amazing experience.

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Anne Melang

Hello, Guys am Jessica. You helped me move my piano a couple of days ago. First I must clarify that generally, don’t write reviews. But after witnessing such professional piano moving service I couldn’t see myself not appreciative of your efforts.

I know my Piano is quite an old style and pretty aged, but still its close to my heart. And I wanted it to be delivered with utmost care. So, thanks to you and your team to get that done for me. I got a service exceeding what I was expecting it to be, it was more careful and polished than I thought. You are the best furniture movers near me. Thanks, again.

cheap man with a van removals in Australia


Very Thankful to 2 Men and a Van for our professional house relocation. They managed to move all my oversized items with great precision. My antiques were beautifully packed and none of them is broken or cracked. Also, your move-in unpacking and cleaning service was very helpful.

I loved how you guys packed my couches and dining table. Also, your pre-move checklist was my daily go-to for preparation. All in all, and my husband I am super impressed by your removals and packing services. You are the best removalists movers near me. Would like to thank you on behalf of my husband as well.

two guy and a truck removals services in Australia

Angela Walker

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