Purchasing a home is a thrilling experience, and you’re undoubtedly ready to start. You may even have a good idea of what you want in a home, but have you thought about where you want to live? in this article, we are sharing tips about What makes a good neighborhood?

When purchasing your first house, this is a crucial factor to consider. Here are some things to consider when researching your dream neighborhood if you’re unsure what to look for.
1. Safety In The Neighborhood

When seeking to buy a home, the safety of the neighborhood is quite crucial, especially if you have children. Here are some things to look at to assist you in figuring out whether or not a neighborhood feels safe:

  • Statistics On Crime – Every region will have some criminal activity from time to time, so don’t get disheartened if you can’t discover a crime-free zone. If you check criminal reports on the city website or call local law enforcement and see a lot of activity, that could be a red flag. 
  • Street Lighting – Having enough street lights can make a person feel safer in their community.
  • Ask Your Neighbors – If you see someone walking their dog, mowing their yard, or even getting their mail, say hello and tell them you’re considering moving to the area. Residents can tell you if they think the place is safe or not.

Of course, these aren’t the only ways to assess a neighborhood’s safety. In addition, you should always follow your gut impulses. If anything doesn’t feel right, keep looking for an area where you can feel safe. It’s also a good idea to spend some time in the community you’re considering.
2. Look For Grocery, Pharmacy, And Department Store Locations Closest To You

Food, meds, and toiletries are daily essentials. If you value convenience, you might want to choose a site close to where you will be performing most of your errands. Unless, of course, you’re looking in a remote area.

Draw a neighborhood map to show where the pharmacy, grocery store, and department store are. Are they nearby? Will you dread going to the store, or will you look forward to it?

Also, ensure you’re looking into the stores you want to visit. If these stores are not close to your home but are on your way to or from work, school, or daycare, this may influence your decision.

3. Find The District Of Education

Whether you’re hoping to start a family soon, you’ve recently had your first child, or you already have a few children in school, finding a good school district is something many families look for when deciding where to reside. What criteria do you use to determine whether a school district is “good” or not?

  • Data And Test Results – State test scores can show whether a school district is performing at, below, or above the state average. Graduation rates, MCA and MTA test scores, access for English language learners, demographics, and more are all included in the Report Card.
  • Programming – For some families, school programming is a huge problem. If your child excels in various subjects, check to see if the district you’re considering offers Advanced Placement (AP) programs or college-level courses that can be applied toward a post-secondary degree.
  • Extracurricular Activities – Does your child enjoy composing or acting in musical productions? Is there a newspaper at the school? Finding a school system that caters to your children’s interests and strengths will assist them in achieving their goals.
  • Sporting Events – Perhaps you believe that every school district offers high school football, has a swim team, and competes in lacrosse. However, it’s possible that the region you’re considering is too tiny or lacks the resources to offer specific sports. Check to see if any sporting programs are available.
  • PTO- Ask about the Parent Teacher Organization or Association (PTO/PTA) if open communication and cooperation between parents and teachers is essential to you. Is there such a thing? How many people are actively involved? How frequently do they get together? When they get together, what kinds of things do they talk about? Is it a welcoming and open group?

4. Look Whether Parks, Walking Paths, And Dog Parks Are All Close By Or Not

Even if you’re looking to buy a house in the dead of winter, it’s still a good idea to look at the neighborhood’s outdoor amenities. You might wish to go for a drive or a walk around the neighborhood and look for things like:

  • Sidewalks – While this may not be a deal-breaker for you, sidewalks help to make an area more pedestrian-friendly. You have the safety of a sidewalk instead of biking or walking on the street where automobiles are traveling.
  • Parks- Is there a park within walking distance, since we’re on the subject of parks? Is it a short distance away? What kind of facilities does the park offer? It may not matter or dissuade you from purchasing a home in that neighborhood if it is not something you would visit.
  • Walking Trails- Perhaps you walk your dog every morning before work or take a family walk after supper. Locate a city trail map or look for local walking trails.

5. Look For The Working Distance From The Area

It’s crucial to think about where you work and live, especially if you want a short commute. Look into transportation choices such as metro transit buses or light rail if driving yourself isn’t an option or one you choose to avoid. if you need packing service in Brisbane then contact us.

6. Look For Restaurant Types In The Area

Because eating is a daily necessity, but you may not always have time to shop for groceries and create a home-cooked meal, having dining options in the region may be beneficial. hire house removalists in Brisbane to pack your food items.
7. Things To Keep In Mind
The characteristics that make a neighborhood desirable might boost demand for (and prices for) homes in that region. If this happens to you when house hunting, you may need to step back and reconsider your strategy.

Prioritizing your “must-haves” during your house search will make the decision-making process go much more smoothly later.

You should also consult your realtor to determine how competitive the local housing market is. Are individuals in that neighborhood waiting months, a year, or longer to buy a home?

It’s essential to figure out whether you want to live in the house or the community. If you love the neighborhood, you have a few options, but the house price is too high.

To begin, look for a smaller house in the region that you can afford. If that isn’t an option, go over your “must-haves” list and see if there are any amenities/finishes/etc. You are willing to sacrifice to find a home in that neighborhood. 

Try to figure out what you like about the house. If it’s the house you want, keep in mind that depending on the neighborhood, you can pay the same for entirely different residences. There’s a good chance that a property in a nearby neighborhood with a similar local feel and community features is less priced.


Take your time looking, and don’t hesitate to drive around the neighborhood, talk to neighbors, and ask questions. When making a big decision like where to buy a house, you want to feel at ease and confident in your decision. During the home-buying process, have honest, open conversations with people you trust, such as family members, your realtor, or a financial coach.

They can help you set realistic expectations and offer advice and perspectives when making a decision. And still, if you want assistance from some professionals, do not hesitate to contact us anytime. 2 Men And Van Brisbane will always be there to solve your problems and queries. 

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