Do you think removalists carry all kinds of stuff during a move? 

People think hiring affordable house movers means they can carry everything, but that’s completely wrong. 

There will always be a list of things removalists won’t allow, so be clear and avoid such items. Beforehand removalists will clarify things, and you must ask in case of a query. 

Licensed removal companies like 2 Men And Van Brisbane won’t allow anything illegal, anything that will make a move uncomfortable. Such lists are made to maintain proper decorum within the moving companies. So let’s look at the things removalists won’t move.

Things Removalists Won’t Move

Here are a few things that house removal companies commonly do not allow. Therefore, it’s essential to stay aware before planning a move.

1) Food 

Open food products, vegetables, and other perishable food are too sensitive to carry, especially over long distances. No moving company allows food as it can impact your smooth move into a turbulent one. To avoid the cases like food getting rotten on the way, movers do not allow food to move. Liquids like juices might get spilled over, which will undoubtedly damage other boxes. Therefore, carrying food is an extremely sensitive and risky task that most house removal companies avoid. 

Professional movers always suggest donating food beforehand to the local food bank or giving vegetables and perishable food products to your neighbors but do not throw them away. 

2) Scuba Gear

Moving companies will not permit scuba gear, so you’ll need to find an alternate way to relocate it to the new home.

Scuba tanks are formed of pressurized oxygen and can contain specialized gas mixtures also. So, scuba tanks can be dangerous to those nearby if not handled perfectly. On a moving truck, scuba tanks would most certainly be bumped around, which could be dangerous. If you’re moving the scuba tanks yourself, make sure to empty them first.

3) Hazardous Things 

Every moving company will avoid carrying any kind of dangerous things due to all the obvious reasons. Hazardous things will be a threat to the lives and safety of the belongings. The companies will not accept any flammable and poisonous things. Many household things can be hazardous, like nail paint, nail paint remover, bleaching powder, car batteries, acids, kerosene, gas, chemicals, etc.  

You might be casually around so many hazardous items, but you’ll have to be aware when moving. Mechanical products and oils can also be dangerous; therefore, stay cautious. 

4) Plants 

Moving living plants to your new place will work only in case of the local move, but carrying living plants isn’t a good idea when moving a long distance. They might get harmed since plants won’t get a favorable environment. In case of a local move, you can still pack flower pots nicely with a plastic sheet, but when moving long distances, plants will be spoiled; therefore, house movers do not allow it. 

Instead, you can give it to your friends, neighbors, and any nearby nurseries but carrying them to your new place will make them suffer. 

5) Illegal Things 

Any moving company will never allow illegal things. A reputed and licensed moving company moves according to the government guidelines, and on carrying illicit items, legal actions might be taken against the company as well as you. Therefore no company will ever risk its reputation by carrying illegal things. 

Many places have banned unauthorized weapons like guns, pistols, and items like liquor bottles. So, removalists also strictly avoid relocating such items because it will put you and the removal company in trouble.

6) Valuable Things 

Movers refrain from moving valuable things like cash, jewelry, essential documents, expensive perishable things, etc. Any reputed removal company makes it clear before moving as people get suspicious if it is misplaced or damaged during a move. 

So keep your credentials, photos, checkbooks, money, etc., safely to yourself. Any moving company won’t do anything which will impact their hard-earned reputation. Therefore, you must carry essential documents like birth certificates, cards, etc., with you, so you don’t have to spend much time finding them. 


So, 2 Men And Van Brisbane have clarified a misconception that removalists carry all the items. We have provided you with a list of things removalists will never allow on their moving trucks. Though many times the list of things differs from company to company, these are a few common things that removalists won’t move. 

Some companies do not allow heavy objects. So, any reputed removal company at the beginning itself will make such lists clear to avoid any miscommunication.

If you need help finding the best moving company to handle your upcoming move, check out 2 men and van‘s vast network of reputable and reliable services. We have been working for years to earn our customer’s trust. All our professional movers are well-trained, so you can rest assured that your move will be in good hands. Good luck!

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