It is indeed challenging to move bulk furniture from one place to another. You cannot move it in simple ways because it is hard even to accomplish that. It is easier to move furniture of lesser weight, but what about the one that is pretty heavy than the others?

Everything during a move demands you to put extra attention and care on the move when there is a bulk of furniture present at your place ready to go with you. It is always said that a move is a significant opportunity to welcome some new and exciting things in life, and that is why people often make this decision at least once to bring good options shortly.

On the one hand, when you see people being happy thinking about the move, many of them might be stressed about how they can move bulk furniture from one place to another. It is equally important to understand that you cannot take risks in the move, so it will be good if you make a wiser decision about your move. Either you do it on your own or get help from any furniture removalist in Brisbane professionals.

This one choice will make a significant impact on your move. When massive furniture is in front of you that is too ready to move, it will be a tough call. But, in our advice, it is best to get professional help for a move. By this, your job will be completed very quickly. Still, there will be a time when you have to do a few things on your own. 

The rule of successfully moving bulk furniture is that one should know how to do it alone without any assistance from the experts- and this includes moving heavy furniture. You are not a bodybuilder or any professional weight lifter, so it will surely be hard for you to lift such heavy furniture. A single person cannot do it without the help of an expert.

So, to help you not make more mistakes in this field, we have made a list of 5 unique and creative ways to have the pros of getting a successful moving of heavy or bulky furniture.

You can follow these steps to get good results in the end.

1. Make A Short And Intelligent Plan

When it is about moving furniture from one place to another, you should understand that it will all fail without a proper plan. This goal is challenging to achieve, but a plan would save you from blunders. Before starting the move, you must take a look at every heavy-weight item that needs to go in the moving truck. It is essential to figure out the correct detail of what needs to be loaded into the vehicle. Heavier items should be kept first inside and in the back of the truck and around the corner or sides so that there will be a balance in the total load and your belongings will be safe like this. Therefore, filling the smaller and lighter furniture items is good. 

It should be best to keep this idea as a priority that you’ll handle each piece of furniture with a note to check on them. Make sure the biggest and the bulky items should go on first. Creating a good plan will help you in many other things as well. It will save a lot of your valuable time and effort.

2. Collect Important Equipment

The important thing about conducting a move is that the right equipment should be used. It is not easy for a man to lift heavy furniture without other technical help. For example, if you want to move heavy furniture like a big almirah, do you think it’ll be easy to move it or take it downstairs? No, it will not. And that is why modern and technically developed equipment will help you out. This is the most fantastic idea for a successful move of heavy furniture. 

Many tools are available in the market, and all these are exceptionally well designed to achieve the movement of heavier items. These are the best inventions to ease people who want to DIY a move. 

Also, do not worry at all about where you will get these. Many pieces of equipment are set in the market for rental and selling. This means you can purchase equipment or rent it until you are done with the move. Buying is a good option if you want to keep them for future use. 

Different types of equipment have their necessary uses. Like, a moving strap is suitable for lifting a heavy item. 

Furniture sliders are a must for moving heavy objects, and you can easily glide them across the floor. 

Furniture Dollies are very much helpful in pushing or pulling a bulky item.

3. Disassemble The Bigger Ones

Yes! This is the most creative idea for successfully moving bulky furniture. Disassembling has always been a good idea in the move. It eases a person’s efforts by taking too much tension from the move. Disassembling the furniture will solve many problems of moving such a more significant item. 

The more you can disassemble the furniture, the better it will be for the move. Breaking down the object into different small parts will be suitable for the move. For example, a big bed can be broken down into two or more sections, and this is easier for a mover to shift a whole bed frame in this way. You can finally move them separately without the hassle of moving them as a whole. 

The ball will still be in your court, you can anytime remove the screws of the furniture for this purpose, and later you can fix it again to reassemble it into one. 

But, here 2 men and a van Brisbane would like to give you a small yet significant piece of advice, you should keep these small parts of the furniture in a separate box. Also, do not forget to label them so you will not have to search for any particular out of many. 

4. Lift Appropriately If You Want To Move Happily

Now that you know the required equipment, you probably know the scenario’s push, drag, and pull-off. This will save your extra efforts of the body’s energy and makes the whole task remarkably smoother and swifter. This is very good to know now how much equipment you will need. 

Safety is the first rule of moving heavy furniture like pianos should not be compromised. for that, we can take a piano removalists service in Brisbane.

All you should have is the right idea of how to do it. 

The essential thing to know about moving bulky furniture is to carry the heavy weight on your legs, not on the waist. Try to balance out the weight in as subtle a way as possible. 

Try to carry these items as close to you so that the whole weight will not fall on one part. Make sure you do not twist yourself a lot while moving the bulky furniture. Also, it will be better if you keep your body as calm and still as possible; this way, you’ll be able to lift or walk the furniture. 

5. Learn How To Unload The Furniture

Now that you have learned the correct way of moving furniture, it is time to understand the creative practices of unloading the goods at the new place. 

Once you unpack the goods, it is better to see a spot where you can keep these in the new place. 

Now, plan how to unload the furniture in the right way. 

This is a method through which you can save time from the stress of moving heavy furniture out of the vehicles and into the new residence. 

To save more time, professional help can be there for you. They will unload the goods for you without any hassle.


2 men and a van are your best friends in moving to a new place. We are there for you all the time to take you to any desired location of your choice. Our team has experts who are professionals in this field, and they will guide you at each step.

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