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A Piano is a dynamic solo instrument, with such a graceful look and beautiful sound that everyone loves to have in their homes. Each and everyone who holds it, get connected to it, not because it is a heavy investment, but emotionally too. Moving a piano is a complex procedure and calls for the help of a professional piano moving company. Whether you are looking for cheap piano removalists Canberra, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, or anywhere across Australia, the most trusted and recommended piano movers team is all that one searches for.

2 Men and Van provide an instant piano removal service that brings with it professionalism, experience, and total quality. We not only provide a service full of techniques and skills but a well resourced as well. We have adequate tools and types of machinery to carry out a piano or oversized furniture removals safely and easily.

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We use exacting requirement packaging that helps a piano moved safely without damage to the body or any other part. Our packing supplies are of high standards and tactically put in use. With 2 Men and Van, you can remain assured about the protection, and safe removal of your oversized stuff and piano, to reached safely at the delivery end, unpacked and reassembled without any bit of hassle.

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When it comes to moving an oversized furniture a lot goes in terms of efforts and techniques and that's why we are called for. We at 2 Men ana Van offers numerous techniques to easily pack, load, and move your furniture or antiques. The safest Piano removal when, we relocate it without much stress and in an organized and smooth process, leaving no damage on any part of it.

For this, we have rigorously trained our piano moving experts who today have relocated thousands of pianos with uniform smoothness and riskless movement.

We generally disassemble the piano for a number of reasons say at the time of full house removals, interstate relocations, at the time of complex architecture like staircases, or elevators, and of course at the demand of our customers.

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To ensure the utmost safety and damage-free piano relocation, the packaging, handling, and safe loading are equally important. For packaging, we use a double coating packing structure, for example covering a piano first with a moving blanket then wrapping a loose wrapping sheet over it and tape it without contacting the beautiful body of the piano to prevent it from any scratch. For efficient loading, we use buckle strap to hold into the piano trolley and ramped moving vehicle.

In complex situations, we use the hydraulic tailgate lifter to safely take the piano out and load it into the moving vehicle. If you are looking for a storage house to store your piano for a period of time, we at 2 Men and Van can help you with that. We store pianos or other antiques for both short term and long terms. Here are a few effective safety assurances you can get in 2 Men and Van Furniture storage houses-

  • Separate sensitive storages for Art and Antiques.
  • Climate controlled atmosphere
  • Smoke sensors
  • 24*7 CCTVs and live tracking State of the art DVRs
  • Storage lifters for safer handling
  • Platform built area and door locks
  • Computerized inventory management and live recording of events
  • Periodic Quality check and smooth information management and communication
  • Restrictive entries and protected by security personnel

Why go with 2 Men and Van's Affordable Piano Movers And Packers?

There are a number of compelling reasons to opt for 2 Men and Van for local and interstate piano removals.

  • Reputed Removalists in Australia: 2 Men and Van are reputed and most often called for moving. We are offering our top-notch local and interstate piano removals services to Australians for more than 5 years now. Our successful moving growth can be witnessed by our customers' testimonials and reviews. We have a bunch of trained movers and packers, who accomplish each move with precision and full customer satisfaction. We have moved thousands of pianos locally in Adelaide as well as Interstate to Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, etc. Our Australia-wide removalists services have carved its way out to become one of the best movers standing upon the trust and reliance of our people.
  • Interstate Piano Removals: Our Interstate Piano Movers are extremely knowledgeable. They have given their services to every nook and corner of the major suburbs of Australia. Be it Canberra, Melbourne, Cairnes, or any other state, they are experienced in moving interstate, benefitting the customers in on-time deliveries, and providing budget-oriented moving solutions.
  • Affordable Piano Movers and Storage Service: Our classic and gilt-edged piano storage house is simply everything that a piano needs to retain its quality while moving out of the origin. Our piano moving cost at 2 Men and Van is inclusive of high-class storage ambiance for your delicate pianos, giving them an even better environment to rest for temporary time or longer. Our storage house is temperature-controlled and 24*7 monitored with quality monitoring systems like the state of the art DVRs and CCTVs.
  • Piano Disassemblers: Whether an upright standard size piano, giant piano, electric piano, or baby piano, our affordable Piano movers move them all. We follow our disassembling techniques to carefully and safely pack, handle, load, and move it without a hint of risk or damage. Our Interstate piano removals are specially trained for disassembling and reassembling a piano, and they have mastered the same. We ensure you high quality and professional piano removalists service experience.
  • Piano Insurance: Moving any of your belongings local or interstate is not why our piano movers are called. But moving it without any damage is the reason. In the span of 5 years, 2 Men and Van has given the utmost professional moving experience to each of our customers whether our piano removalists did a small removal or a large villa or headquarter moving and with our technical know-how and quality experience our piano moving company have won the trust of many. But still, to give a assure our customers a 100% riskless and burden-free removal, we offer a budgeted insurance policy for your stuff which covers the risk of damage in transit as well as in storage for both short term and long term.

    To discuss, you can contact us today and get sorted out your doubts and queries regarding our transit and storage insurance policy. With our friendly and polite customer support staff, our piano moving company assure you convenient and thorough clearance.

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FAQs About Piano Removals Service

Whatever our Piano Removalists move is the first insured. We do not move anything without insurance until it's the customers’ demand. Absolutely no need to insure from outside. The piano moving cost we charge are inclusive of all the services that you want to avail, including insurance.

Our Piano Removalists have experience moving thousands of piano Australia wide. We have done local and interstate piano removals. Our Piano removalists are well trained in packing and handling, as well as experienced in working with complex circumstances. Your Piano is absolutely safe in our hands.

2 Men and Van are the most trusted and commonly picked piano movers in Australia. To find us on any search engine, you can simply type, Piano Movers near me.

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Clients’ feedbacks

We strive to become number one.

We recently moved our home with 2 Men and Van and must praise them for their outstanding job attitude and skills. Have to say that 2 Men and Van are the best furniture movers near me. Their moving team was so polite to us and without much demand and hassle, they cleanly packed our furniture with their amazing packing skills and loaded it to the truck. We were just so relaxed when they were silently doing their work, we could just feel that peace in our heads, by normally looking at everything loaded one by one to the vehicle. Everything happened better than expected. We thanks to 2 Men and Van and their teams’ fantastic efforts who made it all seem so effortless.

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I recommended 2 Men and Van to move my aunt from Adelaide to Sydney on a recommendation of my friend who moved her house last year. Though she praised their moving skills, a lot but still, to be honest, I was pretty nervous at first because I personally haven’t used their services before, was only following my friend’s advice. But soon as my aunt got moved to Sydney, she called me and thanked me for such a great suggestion. Today am writing for your moving company to thanks your movers who helped my aunt move with such ease. Really the best furniture Removalists near me. Thank you.

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Hi, Today I am dropping this mail to you, to thank you and your 2 Men who relocated me to Melbourne last week. I was so impressed by your men’s’ efforts and skills, that I couldn’t miss out on praising their skills and such sweet gestures. None of my antiques was broken, my showpieces and crockery were as intact as before. I am highly satisfied with your antique removal service and have already start recommending to my friends. Best removals services near me. Thank you so much for this amazing experience.

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Anne Melang

Hello, Guys am Jessica. You helped me move my piano a couple of days ago. First I must clarify that generally, don’t write reviews. But after witnessing such professional piano moving service I couldn’t see myself not appreciative of your efforts. I know my Piano is quite an old style and pretty aged, but still its close to my heart. And I wanted it to be delivered with utmost care. So, thanks to you and your team to get that done for me. I got a service exceeding what I was expecting it to be, it was more careful and polished than I thought. You are the best furniture movers near me. Thanks, again.

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Very Thankful to 2 Men and Van for our professional house relocation. They managed to move all my oversized items with great precision. My antiques were beautifully packed and none of them is broken or cracked. Also, your move-in unpacking and cleaning service was very helpful. I loved how you guys packed my couches and dining table. Also, your pre-move checklist was my daily go-to for preparation. All in all, and my husband I am super impressed by your removals and packing services. You are the best removalists movers near me. Would like to thank you on behalf of my husband as well.

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Angela Walker

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