Fine Art And Antique Removals

Antique Packaging- High Quality bubble wrap for paintings

Fine Art, Antiques, Sculptures, handicrafts, wall hangings, paintings, etc, all are precious and dear to our hearts. Not just these collectibles are beautiful but expensive too. These decoratives always demand special attention and care. Moving such delicate fragile if you think you have packed them well and will relocate on your own, you might be wrong. Perhaps you would relocate them safely, but still, it is far better to book with a professional moving company when relocating local or interstate. Why? There are a number of reasons to do so.

  • Professional and skilled hands
  • Specialized in moving from vulnerable and tiny collectibles to large antique sculptures.
  • Your antiques will be insured throughout the move.
  • You get insured Storage facilities for your antiques.
  • Secured wooden pallets and crates for utmost protection
  • Handling and loading trolleys and dollies
  • In complex cases, you get professional lifters and adequate lifting machines
Antique removals

Antique Packaging and Removals

Our fine art movers and packers are specialized in handling fragile, regardless of sensitivity, style, and size, we have bubble wrap for paintings and other packing solutions exacting every type of item.  We use optimum packing methods and high quality packaging for art prints that are simple yet effective in protecting and guarding while your antique removals. Art and antique are always protected through layered packing like using wrapping papers, loose wrappings, bubble wrapping, etc. Then secured with a pallet or a wooden crate for stability during the move and in storage. Our end motive is not just handing the item safely and without damage to the delivery point, but also to bring peace of mind to the customers throughout the process and make them feel stress-free.

Handling Art and Antique

2 Men and Van professional art and antique handling and moving service do not spare any effort worth counting. Our antique removals possess rightful antique packing as well as handling supplies. We use flat built dollies to easily transport large sculptures out of the place to secure it using a large pallet made of wood. This step majorly needed when the pallets are quite large in numbers or the antique and sculptures are pretty oversized, mostly in case of antique museums, or store relocation. Our fine art removalists will do it with such grace and ease, that you won’t feel any fuss.

Moving Art and Antique Local and Interstate

Within Adelaide, or from Adelaide to other suburbs, we move art and antiques Australia-wide. Our experienced movers and packers will go anywhere in Australia and relocate your valuables on time and with ease. Whether you want to book a full house or office removals, or just want to move your fine art and antiques, we will provide you an instant moving service near you. 

Art and Antique Storage facility

Looking for a fine art moving service with transit and storage insurance? We are here to help. At 2 Men and Van, we provide moving services fully covered with budgeted insurance policy, not so complicated and booked easily through our streamlined booking process. Whether you are an individual, Business, or Commercial premise, we will store your artwork with us for as long or as short as you may need.

Contact us and discuss our fine art and antique moving and storage insurance policy to experience a protective and relieved move.

Art and Antique removals

At 2 Men and Van, you will get services high on quality. From our art and antique moving team to the supplies they use to pack and handle your antiques, everything is specialized. Yes. we offer our own range of antique packing and handling supplies like custom packaging for art prints & bubble wrap for paintings to ensure zero cracking and breaking until it reached to the final destination.

With a full range of specialized antique removals & high standards bubble wrap for paintings and antiques with best handling supplies and our skilled antique movers, you can expect a convenient, smooth and damage-free office antique removals.

antique packaging and removals

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